The Alexander Technique…

…is a practical and profound method to re-align the machinery we call ourselves.

Over time, habits of body, self image and thinking can interfere with our natural freedom of movement and complicate our response to the daily pressures of life. Imperceptibly things can snowball to a point where we feel ill at ease with aches and pains or weary with other symptoms.

With subtle instructions and gentle guidance from the hands of a teacher, it is possible to become aware of and begin to release ingrained habits of muscle and mind. We can find a more elegant poise, economy in our actions and a sense of spacious choice, where before there might have been an unhelpful reaction.

We also gain a greater awareness and increasing independence of how to bring this about… think of a very young child and how freely she moves…. this is our natural birthright.

It is well known to be invaluable in areas of performance, such as for musicians or athletes, but it also has far-reaching effects in all the more usual activities of every day life and can be applied to anything, from brushing our teeth to riding a bike.

Many pupils report the bonus of inner calm and delight as they discover how much more space there is for so much less effort.

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