Teen Stomp …approach with care

How do you meet a teenager?.

A teenager with fire and drive in her belly and a very good stomp.

14 years of ideas and opinions and thirst for more. 

Once upon a time a long time ago, let’s just say, the fighting spark for survival was deeply wired…. 

Why would one argue a point?

Why challenge?

Why push back?

For a whisper of threat/demand/opposition ruffles her radar, up go the metaphorical fists and the reciprocal ear protectors. 

It can be difficult to get through.

And yet over these last few years of sharing the passion and love of music, a soft trust has grown and the fire glows often now alongside a flowing river of musical joy. 

I have witnessed great teachers bring about a transformation simply by their attitude and demeanor. 

I have also witnessed those who think they are great teachers bring about an instant crumple of self worth…. just one word aimed below the belt, to establish the hierarchy. Enough to cause a sleepless night of tears and shred any scrap of confidence. 

Common still, sadly, in the world of music, arts, ballet etc.

Let’s return to that kind of welcome that affirms a child and sets her free to take wing and fly. 

What is this?

This is the question.

It includes the family as a whole, surely?

And then in the domestic scene.

How might one welcome this untamed fire?

An experiment. Try this at home.

Take your own reactive fire and receive it into and from your core. 

Place yourself in the centre of your ocean or universe and breathe. Touch the earth, notice the inner and outer world. Even turn your gentle wide back in such a way that you maintain awareness and connection but whilst you create a little space for your reaction and your thoughts. 

As you reorganise yourself in this split second you may enter an unfamiliar place of extraordinary potential. The potential of not knowing what comes next. 

This is a tiny fulcrum about which everyone in the room has the chance to take a different place on the merry go round. 

Experiment with this indirect approach…. for once, give yourself your whole attention. 

It takes just a nano second but it can seem like aeons. 

The room may change temperature.