“Something up my Sleeve

“Something up my Sleeve

“Something up my Sleeve” 

with Jenny Quick MSTAT 

For Alexander Teachers and Musicians

 This workshop offers a set of learning materials with a fresh, fun and immensely practical approach to moving and performing with confidence and ease.

Enlightened surprise and joy is a given, when seemingly small pieces of information can produce such radical effects.

An inner GPS upgrade!

We will

  • experiment with our inner GPS and reveal interesting misperceptions
  • raise awareness of common patterns of tension and how to release them

• show how a more accurate ‘map’ brings greater comfort and ease in movement and playing

  • touch the inner musician …. approaches to well-being, practice & performance.

“What you think is what you get!”

About Jenny Quick.

Jenny has been involved with helping people physically and artistically for over 30 years. Former Physiotherapist, Lifelong Musician, Instrumental Coach and Accompanist she anchors herself in the Alexander Technique as the central core from which she expresses her artistry and life experience. She studies regularly with Bruce Fertman and Robyn Avalon.

A visiting teacher at Meadowmount Summer School, she has also assisted Emma  Kirkby in her International Dartington master classes.

Feedback from our recent workshop for singers…(Melody Makers Choir

“What a thrilling day of singing we had yesterday! Jenny Quick I’ve now got the Alexander Technique bug.  quite literally life changing for me. I thought that your workshop was incredibly well constructed, with pause for reflection and feedback.It’s as simple as a small, relatable statement which can be life changing, and in this instance, ELEVATING”.



Sun 10th Nov


24 Sydenham Lane Bristol BS6 5PS

Time 9.30am-1.00 pm with coffee/tea break

Cost  £35