Review from Carli Jefferson

Review from Carli Jefferson

I met Carli at their electric Lunatraktors gig a few weeks ago.

We wondered if my approach to Alexander Technique might help her with some chronic pain issues, so we set up an online session to look into working together.
True to the gorgeous being they are, this review appeared in my feed today.

We hope it might encourage you to explore what the Alexander Technique might have to offer.

“A happy accident, a destined meeting, an expression of grace 🌝

I have walked, run and often crawled the path of performer from a very young age. So young that to comprehend my existence without movement is impossible, and yet my skin, bones and svaly have often screamed at me to stop.

They don’t feel tough enough, although they need to be hard to take the constant knocks…they feel broken and seized like a rusty vehicle which wants to surrender…my scaffolding creaks, clicks, winces as the lads stomp around yelling…

I recently met a human who profoundly impressed me with their astonishing presence, their humble wisdom, their joy at sharing their knowledge…I want to recommend them to anyone 💚

Their name is Jenny Quick and they are a marvel..I am able to say that their presence has provided the catalyst to allow myself to slow down, to soften, to take a pause and look find another path that will allow me to continue along the path I love so dearly…but treading lighter, more self lovingly, more sustainably.

Even in online sessions this beautiful human has transmitted such energetic bliss in their teaching of #alexandertechnique that it’s entirely reset my life intention and approach. Smoothing the edges off the chronic pain, which has been a rather frustrating companion for the last 15 years after even two sessions, and giving my whole embodiment hope again.

If this post makes you curious for such bliss find them at @bodywise2jq you will be amazed, by the unlocking, the safeness, the seaweedyness.

Blessings and blissings..thank you Jenny” 

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