Practising needn’t be a Pain!

Practising needn’t be a Pain!

Musicians this is going to be a great year!

I look forward to working and playing with you.

Ashburton Arts Centre   Sunday March 11th 2018.

10.00am – 12.00pm

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I will be running workshops throughout the year on “Body Basics” for musicians as taught at one of the most prestigious summer music schools in America.

The Alexander Technique is mainstream in many conservatoires world wide and is considered an essential tool for well-being and longevity in the demanding fields of music/sport/performance etc

These 2018 Body Basics workshops will have

*practical, fun top tips on body awareness and movement

*guidelines on how to prevent tension and pain

*troubleshooting and analysis of common problems

An inaccurate concept of our natural physical design can interfere with freedom, may lead to unnecessary tension and often pain.
Simply understanding more about your body can help to avoid major issues and safeguard your comfort and musical longevity.

A lifelong musician, Jenny Quick has been helping people physically and artistically for over 40 years.
Physiotherapist, Piano Teacher, Instrumental Coach and Accompanist, she has anchored herself in the Alexander Technique as the inspirational base from which she amalgamates her skills and expresses her life experience.



M'Mount 17 JQ group


M'Mount 17 cello

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Body Basics 2018 for String Players

For those of us in Devon, this is a great way to support the exciting new Arts Centre in Ashburton.