Post about online AT

Post about online AT

…And staying connected to ourselves and each other.

I have compiled a short CD on the core features of Alexander Technique as a self help tool in these difficult days of potential isolation.

Here is how they came about.

Last autumn my friend Katie was on tour and having a very stressful and exhausting time supporting, promoting and facilitating a musician for whom she is an agent.

At such a distance and thus unable to give her my usual Alexander style hands on work I thought I would send her a brief but powerful daily meditation…. Not the kind of guided “put you in a zone out of space ” meditation but a kinaesthetic and practical active thought practice to which she could return several times a day.

Thought travels astonishingly quickly (@ 700 mph) and to the untrained eye is relatively invisible!

And yet the power of a constructive and deliberately chosen thought can be transformative.

I will write a little about how it helped me later.

This is what Katie had to say

“When I was stressed and on the road recently, Jenny’s daily tips were physically grounding and mentally uplifting”

Then my friend Heather, a clinical psychologist recently returned from Italy and chose to self isolate as a precaution…. it was in the early days of the Covid scare and extremely stressful for her.

So I adjusted those meditations for her personally and sent them as daily emails.

Here is what she had to say

“I have so appreciated the input from Jenny. She has a particular poetry with words that inspire space within my body that is always restful and opening (when I remember and tune into this Alexander Technique slip stream?”

For myself I have been studying the online /distance learning approach to Alexander Technique for nearly 4 years now.

I came upon it really by chance and apparent misfortune!

As a lifelong pianist I came to a point in the summer of 2017 when my thumb joints flared up with dreadful pain and swelling.

I could barely turn a page or do up my shoe laces let alone play the piano. I felt that my playing days were over for good.

This in itself looked like a huge bereavement.

I had to have some form of musical solace and so turned to the cello…. an instrument I had always longed to learn.

I even joined a Facebook group for appendices cellists!

From here I was pointed towards the “art of freedom” fit musicians with Jennifer Roig francoli…

She is an Alexander Technique teacher and concert violinist in America.

It just so happened that she was posting daily videos of herself practicing the violin.

I thought that as a beginner it would be fascinating to practice in a way that incorporated the technique right from the word go so to speak.


The activities she demonstrated were so unlike my definition of my conventional training that I was extremely grumpy and skeptical.

However. With serious pain and nothing to lose I faithfully practiced.

2 minutes.

Twice a day

For a week.

Then at some point whilst walking into town and a light bulb moment…..

Fast forward and yesterday I gave a Facebook live concert.

My thumbs have recovered and I’m playing again with a much greater awareness and sensitivity.

The power of thought and it’s impact on the whole of our being is not to be underestimated.

This is now how I love to teach.

Please contact me HERE if you would like to purchase a copy, they are £10 +P&P