Online Work…. my recovery from pain and back to piano playing

Online Work…. my recovery from pain and back to piano playing

When we are all spending so much more time in front of a screen this style of Alexander work offers a way to keep ourselves healthy both outwardly and inwardly. 

I want to say a little about my path through to online Alexander work.

I quote 

” This particular approach finds a way to erode deep habitual patterns that tend to be imperceptible & impenetrable “

Mio Morales 

A little of my path to recovery…. 

This above and beyond all other approaches was what gradually got me out of serious trouble with my thumb joints. 

4 years ago they became suddenly swollen and impossibly painful.

I couldn’t hold a pencil. Turn a page/ key /tap and getting  dressed was slow and horribly painful… Jobs around the house took forever as I tried to protect my thumbs and avoid causing them more pain. 

Neither could I  play the piano ( I had been practising like a demon as rehearsal pianist for the emperor concerto…I couldn’t resist  the opportunity?!) 

Whatever deep “grab” I had ( as a bereaved child I played to “save my life”) had now reached a crisis point after 50 odd years. 

I surrendered with gratitude believe it or not…. gratitude for everything my thumbs had enabled me to do and asked what I could do to help.

I decided I would learn to play the cello as it would not be percussive or require hurting my thumbs..

I thought it would be interesting to start a new instrument in the light of habit and the technique. 

It so happened that Jennifer Roig-Francoli in her  “Art of freedom for Musicians”  was sharing fabulous daily videos on the cycle. 

A cellist friend had pointed me in her  direction. 

Over time and after much skepticism I began to see what I hadn’t seen and to experience just the kind of gradual erosion of patterns that would have remained hidden  from view. 

You cannot change anything unless you first become aware of it. 

The exercises that I have learnt help to refine sensitivity and allow the nervous system to step free from the grip of interference from unseen holding patterns. 

It is subtle but immensely powerful work. 

What you think is what you get. 

This work sheds light on the connecting between the quality of our thinking and the instant effect of this on our quality of movement. 

I have been studying with Mio now for some years and am confident in offering online Alexander Technique sessions.

It comes at a time when sadly hands on work is not possible. 

What better a time than to explore the possibity of this form of intimate self compassion.