One Thing affects Another

One Thing affects Another

One thing affects another 

Over the last couple of years I have made a friend.

It all started when I stopped on a narrow stretch of pavement to help extract a nail from the shoe of a very cross man.

I was on my usual way home from town, he was going in the opposite direction.

The pavement is so narrow that there is only room for one person and so there is a risky moment of somebody stepping into the road to pass without bumping. 

Here we were, strangers in all but an occasional nod of recognition.

Out came the nail. A muttered complaint and on we went.

“He is miserable” thought I. 

So over the months of crossing paths

(I am nearly always on my bike) we have acknowledged each other and I have detected a growing warmth. 

Today I was on foot as we passed in the middle of town.

We were positively cheerful as we greeted each other and I felt very touched by this. 

There are all these artistically crafted posts saying “be kind”

Sometimes kindness takes time to grow into something natural and unforced.

This was truly worth waiting for because I felt so much kindness from this gentleman as well as towards him.

Happy Valentine’s Day indeed.