Suffering from cancer and the effects of chemotherapy or treatment in whatever form can produce debilitating and distressing symptoms in the extreme. Good days take their place beside bad days and energy can fluctuate rapidly, whether the disease is advancing or stable.

It is often an act of enormous courage to face each moment.

What can Alexander work offer in these terribly difficult circumstances?

An understanding of how to put what energy is available to the best possible use.

Relief from the kind of tension and holding that fear, pain and illness cause, by enabling tightly held muscle groups to release.

The quiet trust and confidence in applying the intelligent mind to a weakened body and having some strategies to cope.

In the case of restricted breathing, subtle exploration of how to breathe with the least possible resistance and finding areas of the rib cage that can respond to a little more expansion.

Using inhibition and direction to stop to ‘re-group’ during an activity that requires disproportionate effort, or when pain is in the forefront of experience.

The blessing of loving, knowing hands to bring about a return to quiet and calm.

The possibility of keeping someone company as they face their journey into the unknown.

These are just some of the possibilities which I have had the privilege to witness.


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