Freda goes Abroad

Freda goes Abroad

A tribute to Freda Hart
Since my last post this little book has gone to Denmark, Finland, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, USA, Nova Scotia, Sweden, Scotland, London, Cornwall… and still more! 

In a couple of weeks an article will go into the ISM (Incorporated Society of Musicians) journal and those of you who have so kindly paid a little more than the asking price will direct the money to the ISM Trust which will support their work producing professional development and resources for the music sector.

What friends and colleagues are saying

”This is so so beautifully written and put together Jenny.
Reading your words and remembering Freda is therapy in itself”.

Katie Whitehouse

”It’s such a lovely book with natural photos and a warm glimpse into your teaching and what many years steeped in this wonderful work does for you. Good job Jenny”

Lucy Asham

“Freda’s book is wonderful, an act of love and humanity. I can truly recommend it. Many rare gems in it.” 

Sonja Higgo

If you wish to buy a copy please contact me by email, Facebook or messenger.

The full price is £12 plus p&p ( £4.00 of which will be donated to the ISM ) or you can choose your donation on top of the base price of £8.00.