Dartington International Summer School

Dartington International Summer School

“Thank you also for the palpable changes you made to the stance, the sound, the comfort and the joy of those students you “adjusted” so gently as they sang.” 


Once again it has been a huge privilege and delight to work alongside Dame Emma Kirkby and her students in her master classes.

After another intensive immersion at Meadowmount Summer School earlier this July, with Robyn Avalon and the musicians there, I felt so much more equipped to share my growing skills.

Snap shot observation and swift but effective intervention is of paramount importance.

To assist without intruding.

It was wonderful to have such an appreciative group of eager students and it goes without saying that Emma, with all  her years of working with the Alexander technique, was a fantastic ally.


Here is some of your feedback dear ones.

“The most surprising thing about trying Alexander Technique on a master Class, where you are already stressed about your poor body posture, is understanding that you can observe and understand without judging your body or yourself.

And magically everything gets relaxed and easier. “


“Mrs. Jenny. Your energy, the purity and light we could see on you, your beautiful words and actions could not be more helpful.

I am leaving this place feeling grateful for many things. And one of those is that you reminded me that we have wings and those wings really have to start working.

Thank you.

I am sure you will be remembered by many people.” Christia

Carol Fieldhouse (Dartington summer school participant)

This year I experienced Alexander Teacher, Jenny Quick, in Nick Clapton’s workshop and again found the Technique extremely helpful and sought Jenny out for a one to one session during the week. The subtle suggestions/adjustments Jenny makes in a sensitive and respectful way enhanced my experience this year. Her attentive listening and joy of helping people both in performance and finding ease as they sing is instantly apparent. In a week of music making an Alexander Technique teacher is a great asset.

And from Emma

Thank you so so much for the subtle but highly effective part you played in my morning classes at DISS this week.  I am already telling my students here in Bavaria about the Dog, the Duck and the Dinosaur, also the belly spine!

In fact while I was wheeling my two cases, one rather heavy, to the bus stop yesterday. morning, en route for Stansted,  I remembered belly spine and Dinosaur Tail, and immediately felt more poised and efficient..

Thank you also for the palpable changes you made to the stance, the sound, the comfort and the joy of those students you “adjusted” so gently as they sang.

As you know, I am a devotee of Alexander technique myself; I talk about it rather a lot, and it was so good for me and for those who witnessed the class to see the benefits “in vivo”!

All power to you, and huge thanks again; I look forward to our next chance to collaborate.