Dancing with Angels

Dancing with Angels


There are many great musicians of our time who speak with compelling authority about the transformative power of music. 

They know something from their profound studies and awful gifts.

 It is reassuring because I know that I’m not entirely bonkers and neither am I alone.

It is like dwelling with the Gods. Another reality that transcends mortal experience and lifts it through the stratosphere and beyond the veils that divide this life from the next. 

Before I traveled with Beethoven at my side….. A year on a bicycle through Europe with his last 3 sonatas in my panniers…. Bending my will to his force of nature…. Roaring with the elements and succumbing to his sweetness…. Living, breathing every phrase as I pedaled….

Before all this mayhem of humanity, I dwelt for several years with Schubert’s late piano works. 

3 vast sonatas. 

What a different world this was. 

Not the raw elemental, inner and outer, earthy landscapes of Beethoven, but a kind of celestial silvery haven….. as though the angels had fashioned many-roomed mansions in the heavens. 

No shortage of thunder or fear but somehow translucent, tranquil and light as air. 

On Thursday, with light in her eyes as I described schubert’s G major sonata, creating parallels with his architecture and our own, Freda and I danced with these angels. 

We swept through the rooms with joy in our hearts, held lightly to earth only by the fine thread of our imaginations.

Her fine thread loosed its anchor and carried Freda away last Sunday.

My spirit is dancing with her in gratitude for our time together on this planet…. and in gratitude for music of the spheres.