CD Live Piano Music

8F4D0842-A265-4BA7-8D68-D8397B701141E649AFE6-28D5-4743-9761-464E6308B5F8 8F4D0842-A265-4BA7-8D68-D8397B701141April 21st 1986 ….just 2 days after giving birth to my son, Horowitz was making his historic return to Russia. This exquisite piece by Scarlatti was on the programme and has since been embedded in my soul. This is from last night’s concert, recorded live in my living room with 18 lovely friends and a perfectly behaved cat on the front row.

This little CD (which contains much of last night’s programme) is now available for £10 .

All funds go towards my trip to study with Robyn Avalon at Meadowmount Summer School where I will honing the tools of my trade, working with some of the planet’s most talented string players.

Let me know if you would like one and I’ll pop it in the post! (.uk postage included)