“ Beneath the surface” new online course 8th September-6th October

“ Beneath the surface” new online course  8th September-6th October


“ Beneath the surface

What lies here and there?

My bones ?

My guts?

My breath?

But how and why?

Where is this and that really?

Not where I thought perhaps.

Somewhere … I’ve forgotten where, if ever I did know….

Lies inherent beauty and relief. 

Let me be re-minded and come closer to the truth of things

Closer to my own self.”


Jenny Quick . August 2020

In this short 5 step course we will explore facets of body mapping which have a profound relevance to our quality of being.

Week 1

Head and spine ….. awareness

How aspects of head balance impact flow of CSF ( the fluid bathing the brain and spinal chord ) and healthy hormonal regulation

The vital organs of balance…. feedback from the senses

Spine… protection mobility and support

How it’s shape volume and mass enrich our presence in the world

Week 2

Torso … how it’s inherent shape gives rise to soft internal support and vagal health

Balance, boundaries, connection… containment and security

Week 3

Wings … how the unique joint and muscle-fabric of our upper limb structure offer freedom creativity and expression

Week 4

Pelvis and hips

Orientation of pelvic bowls and pelvic floor; support from internal organs and our core of sensuality …comfort with identity versus generational imposed traditions.

Comfort in sitting

Week 5

Legs, Knees Feet. 

Power and purpose, fluid stability … walking and moving in the world.

With a more accurate map of our inherent design and with growing awareness we can release hidden (wired in and thus concealed ) areas of excessive tension. This in turn brings us more naturally in touch with ourselves and the balance of internal and external worlds. “Coming to our senses” with less interference and greater joy in the experience of being alive….of living in our bodies. 

“If our noses run and our feet smell then we know we are built upside down!” (Einstein)

This material is drawn from LIAB (living in a body) which is a system of study devised by Robyn Avalon .

The course will run from Sept 8th to Oct 6th inclusive. Each zoom session will be 90 minutes. Recordings will be available for 30 days and participants will be sent a link.

for those of you who have not worked with me before there will be a short (free) introduction to the essential concepts so that we are all on the same page for the first class. This will be open to anybody who is interested in working with me…either to join the course or at a future date. 
This will take place on Saturday September 5th at 3.00pm UK time.

Cost £100 payable in instalments or as a one off payment.
a deposit of £20 will secure your place
to make your reservation please contact me on

[email protected]