Alexander workshops and coaching with JQ

Alexander workshops and coaching with JQ

As we begin to creak back into gear after the long, covid-driven pause I am itching to get back to working with you in person, either in large/small-group or one to one settings.

Whilst a little dated, this is my flier from the wonderful Dartington Summer School and masterclass days with Dame Emma Kirkby who is a wonderfully enthusiastic advocate of the Alexander Technique and its potential for enhancing our musical expression and flow.

I look forward to working with you!




“I work with Musicians to make things easier, to enrich our playing and to deepen our shared experience of music-making”



“JQ what a thrilling day of singing we had yesterday! The wow moment was watching everyone rise from their seats with such poise. I’m going to be swishing that  dinosaur tail from now on!.”

Natalie Veale choral director. Melody Makers






                                                                   What is ‘Body-Wise’?

“If your nose runs and your feet smell then you know you are built upside down”        Einstein

Over time, It is very common for us to settle for a slightly wonky version or ‘map’ of ourselves.

If you like, our inner GPS no longer quite fits with our exquisite original design. 

The brain will loyally organise our movements, balance, gesture and poise according to the design-concepts we have gathered of ourselves. An adaptation that can so easily sit beneath the radar of awareness. 

This can lead to a loss of freedom and flow and eventually, pain and tension from the extra effort of asking the body to work against itself. 

Simply understanding more about the body can have a transformative effect on our comfort and open up a whole new range of colour and expression in our sound.

A homecoming

“Body-wise” is a set of learning materials with a fresh, fun and immensely practical approach to moving and performing with confidence and ease.

Enlightened surprise and joy is a given, when seemingly small pieces of information can produce such radical effects.


“Thank for the palpable changes you made to the stance, the sound, the comfort and the joy of those students you ‘adjusted’ so gently as they sang”.

Emma Kirkby

(Dartington Summer School  2020)




About me

My background is in Physiotherapy.

A lifelong musician ( Piano Teacher, Performer and Instrumental Coach)

I have been involved with helping people physically and artistically on an international stage for over 40 years.

I anchor myself in the Alexander Technique as the inspirational base from which I share my experience.


AT DSS 22 PDF link to flier