Alexander goes online

Alexander goes online

Covid 19 and AT online

The jump start that covid has mobilised for online innovation has been striking.

You could say one great mother of invention.

10 years ago for example, I was never ever going to take an interest in the world of online connection.

Today I am grateful and in awe of what has become possible and a reality in just 3 short months.

I’m talking about taking a leap of faith and teaching what has been traditionally very hands on

work… Alexander Technique…. in the completely hands free realm of Internet face to face.

The absence of human touch may at first seem too horrible to contemplate. It is certainly not replaceable.

But think for a moment about the effect of a brilliant action thriller or romantic movie or book.

You come away moved. In tears. You were terrified or repulsed.

A liquid jelly or inspired to the point of ignition.

All of these potentialities served up on your plate of humanity….

and you are never quite the same again….

It was a screen or a page. No more. But in the mind and heart and body and soul it can come  alive and has power and depth and light and brilliance.

Any creative work finds a resonance and a channel where it can breathe life into our being.

Well so it is with working online.

Human being with human being.

I’m not going to attempt to describe the Alexander Technique in online terms.

I just want to say that anything is possible.

That applying the principles of the work…. raising awareness, the intention to reduce excessive tension, making new choices and becoming more of one’s authentic self…. all of this is possible within the online environment.

Harmony and balance with the inner self and the outer world as a unity.


Huge thanks for your teaching  Bruce Fertman; Robyn Avalon; Mio Morales.



Here are a couple of comments

“It has been a hard time for the world during the last months. But in these circumstances, there are many people who fought with their light and love. One of them is Jenny Quick. A beautifil human you immediately love. A human who can help you experience the spacetime and the “zeros”, the pause of the thoughts. A fairy I am so happy I met and worked with. Alexander’s Technique in a new way, a trip of realization with your inner self. This is our time.”


“Changing to alexander lessons online seemed questionable as Jenny and I were not literally physically present with each other. However, the rather different method of work we used (involving spoken words and small movements) meant that our time together focussed more on the psychological aspects of how current thoughts and emotions affect the quality of movement and the holding of the physical body. I found this particularly helpful and relevant to me. I became aware also of how experiences and expectations from the past, but still carried in my body, continue to influence the way I move and hold myself.

Jenny is an observant and sensitive teacher and I felt she paced the content of our sessions well, so that I never felt under to pressure to do more, or do it ‘better’. She sent a summary of what we had covered in each session, so that I was able to hold it in mind and continue working on it between times. I felt that I learned a lot, increased awareness and had tools to employ to help myself.”

Jenny M…..