About Jenny

About Jenny


I came into the Alexander Technique shortly after my 50th birthday, with the intention of engaging in a practice that would above all sustain and nourish me into my middle and later years and which I could share with others.

I consider it to be a priceless form of health insurance.

I have a background in Physiotherapy and worked in NHS hospitals for 13 years with experience in trauma, intensive care and rehabilitation. I also had a particular interest in neurology. I later specialised in ante-natal, childbirth and post-natal care, when I worked in Torbay Maternity Unit.

When family life took priority I pursued my lifelong passion of music from home and have been a performing, accompanying and teaching pianist for the last 20 years.

To celebrate my 50th year I learnt Beethoven’s last 3 epic piano sonatas and then in 2011, took them with me while I cycled 3500 miles from Denmark to Greece, performing them wherever pianos showed up. The journey is known as “Beethoven by Bike”!

I drew daily on the Alexander Technique as my fount of physical and emotional well-being.

I love this work and am happy to have the opportunity to share the inspiration of it as I teach. There is a spacious beauty and a peacefulness (as well as so many practical benefits) that is hard to define, but which for me, is at the core of learning the Technique.



Bruce Fertman ( director Alexander Alliance International)

With her profession in physiotherapy and her lifetime of experience in the Arts,  Jenny does what few Alexander Teachers can do. She seamlessly blends science and art, truth and beauty.


Robyn Avalon

Jenny infuses her love of life directly into her lively and imaginative teaching of Alexander Technique.  She is playful and knowledgable, sensitive and skillful, bringing a wide range of life experiences to her teaching craft.

A joyous teacher not to be missed 


Rachel Stevens (AT teacher)

It was like having a master class over the phone

(Discussing a cellist student for ideas for session) 


Emma Kirkby

Dear Jenny

Thanks for your wonderful contribution to the class today! Already interest is stirring among Summer School regulars.. for myself I’d love a proper lesson from you ….”


Nicholas Clapton 

“I have had the good fortune to work with Jenny Quick on a number of occasions. As a singer and teacher of singing I find her use and application of the Alexander Technique remarkably inspiring and extraordinarily effective, both practically and psychologically.



Carol Fieldhouse (dartington summer school participant)

This year I experienced Alexander Teacher, Jenny Quick, in Nick Clapton’s workshop and again found the Technique extremely helpful and sought Jenny out for a one to one session during the week. The subtle suggestions/adjustments Jenny makes in a sensitive and respectful way enhanced my experience this year. Her attentive listening and joy of helping people both in performance and finding ease as they sing is instantly apparent. In a week of music making an Alexander Technique teacher is a great asset.


Justin (private student)

Poetry for the mind body and soul

‘I first approached Jenny looking for help finding ‘ease’ in one thing. Owing to  the holistic nature of AT Jenny ended up helping me find ‘ease’ in many things. I am using the term ‘ease’ in the sense of freedom from un-intended tension. Jenny has been brilliant at adapting the lessons to address the issue of my day  – we might set off in one direction and then find ourselves facing a completely different one. I invariably leave feeling better, lighter, taller and more at ease than when I arrived. Jenny’s approach to teaching is gentle, encouraging, humorous and wonderfully enlightening. You should try it