A Grace of Sense…. inner motion. outer expression.

A Grace of Sense…. inner motion. outer expression.

I am one among those of us who are fortunate to be studying with Bruce Fertman this autumn on his online course entitled “A Grace of Sense” … where our inner and outer world meet.
It is the kind of journey that has called to me in various ways over many years. 

Finding the sublime beauty of inner movement and its outward expression… our primary movement and our relation to it.

I share with you some movement meditations that have arisen from behind closed eyelids…. As though it is the gesture that propels the charcoal across the page…an encounter with the temple of being. 

Akin to a kind of kinaesthetic non-doing.
There is a deep peace when I listen to the inner mobilé as it settles and sets off again in motion. 

The digital images are a kind of note pad done by editing a photo on my iPhone. Later I come to the paper and charcoal.