Why The Alexander Technique


“When your feet smell and your nose runs, you know you were built upside down” Einstein

Thought is so powerful.


We just don’t always recognise our thoughts or perceptions about how we are built.

Without realising it we start to lose touch with the natural balance and flow between mind and body.

In turn this leads to increased effort and tension so that in an ever demanding world we become easily fatigued, our mood suffers and we can find ourselves in pain.

The Alexander Technique is a way to restore the harmony between mind and body and to get back in touch with how to improve our freedom and quality of life.

You will find out how to notice and reduce excessive tension. How to convert it into energy, ease and poise.

This usually involves gentle hands on contact and guidance from me along with feedback and  information. I also suggest imaginative and enjoyable activities as a way to practice between sessions.

Often a subtle shift in thinking and learning how to apply this physically, can bring about profound  transformation in ease of movement and being.

Whilst it is mainstream in high level athletic musical or dramatic performance, this practice is just as effective in the boardroom the home or any other environment.

After all the common thread is you in your life, and in all that you do.

I offer individual appointments from my home in Totnes and run groups in varied locations.

The Alexander Technique is a way of gaining skill in how we are from moment to moment.


What you think is what you get. 


What people say:


Dame Emma Kirkby

Thank you so so much for the subtle but highly effective part you played in my morning classes at DISS (Dartington International Summer School) this week.
Thank you also for the palpable changes you made to the stance, the sound, the comfort and the joy of those students you “adjusted” so gently as they sang.
All power to you, and huge thanks again; I look forward to our next chance to collaborate.



Nick Clapton

Professor of Singing, Royal Academy of Music, London (1996-2015)
Visiting Professor of Singing, Music Academy, Budapest (1996-2013)
Masterclass and Workshop Teacher, Dartington international Summer School (1996-date

I have known and worked with Jenny Quick for a number of years.
Jenny is a remarkable practitioner of the technique, not only in its physical aspects, but in more psychological, “holistic” matters. As well as witnessing her wonderful work with classes at the Dartington International Summer School, I have personally found her ability to help a client find that vital sense of attentive awareness, the need to listen to one’s mind and body in a truly wakeful manner, and apply it to better body use, to be, in my opinion, second to none.



Bruce Fertman – director Alexander Alliance International

“with her career in Physiotherapy  and lifetime of experience in art and music, Jenny does what few Alexander Teachers can do. She seamlessly blends science and art, truth and beauty. “



Robyn Avalon – director, contemporary Alexander Studies

“Jenny infuses her love of life directly into her lively and imaginative teaching of Alexander Technique. She is playful and knowledgable, sensitive and skillful, bringing a wide range of life experiences to her teaching craft.
A joyous teacher not to be missed”