Support for women undergoing Breast Surgery

“I was not sure how to be in this unfamiliar body.

Jenny showed me how to stand tall and how to move more easily.

I would recommend this approach for anyone undergoing breast surgery”



10 days post op



3 weeks post op and after 6 sessions

Over the years, I have assisted in the recuperation of many women in their preoperative and post-operative experience, in my professional life, formerly as a physiotherapist and now as an Alexander Technique teacher.

I also have my own personal connection.

My earliest encounter with breast surgery was with my mother’s radical mastectomy when I was 5 years old.

I have memories of her buying specially made swim wear.

Of her not being able to beat eggs or cream.

Of the livid scar along her right axilla.

Of helping to do up her bra.

Most recently, practising the principles of the Alexander Technique with Tash.

In all cases there is by necessity a huge reorganisation that has to take place.

A  different body. A different identity. A different sense of relationship with oneself and family, friends and community.

There is inevitably a degree of pain…. on multiple levels…. and it can be hard to integrate and make sense of these major changes.

The response to both the physical and emotional disruption can understandably cause protective holding patterns of tension to develop which in turn can restrict both physical and spiritual recovery and contribute to ongoing limited range of movement and pain .

It is the non-judging recognition of these patterns and the immense potential for guidance and progressive release from them which is the essential tool kit of a sensitive Alexander Teacher.

Jenny Quick has a background in physiotherapy and now offers Alexander Technique in Devon. Her unique blend of complimentary healing arts with a life time as musician and artist enables her to “read” and thus support the whole person towards a greater sense of freedom.