Freda in Mind




“I don’t know how but somehow I fell asleep over breakfast”

There is nothing sleepy about Freda right now. 

The company that has supplied her new hearing aids promised to make a home visit to check that she had what she wanted.

Pulling a face.

“Have they come? Not a bit of it”

They are clearly not in today.

“Can you hear me well enough?”

“Oh yes. You are usually wonderfully clear. Somebody rang me the other day.

She had such a LOVELY voice but I couldn’t understand a word she was saying!”

She is obviously riled with the whole subject of  hearing aids.

“What would you say draws you back to the technique? The thing that interests or supports you most?”

Freda tilts her head a little and looks into the distance…. her mouth which is usually soft, compresses into a thin line, reminding me slightly of an earlier stage of our evolutionary ancestors.

“I’ve been involved with Alexander work for 30 years, so it’s hard to say. It’s part of me”

I like to nudge Freda into thinking because it has an enlivening effect on her whole demeanour.

Her breathing quickens and there is a sense of her vitality…. she engages with the whole of herself.

I can almost see the cogs whirring.

We do some work in the chair. Inclining forwards from the hips; lengthening through the front. This helps to bring her head into an easier alignment and she widens her eyes as she looks out into her garden.

“This makes me aware of the length of my spine”

I then work around the “compass” ….. Resistance applied at different points of the shoulder girdle and torso and which activates and challenges balance.

We then repeat this in the more demanding standing position…. Resistance applied to the pelvis as well as the torso.

All the while thinking of the contact of feet with the floor; of her length and breadth through the front; of the 360° space that she occupies.

“The diagonal ones are the most tricky”

Finally she sits again.

There is much more space between her back and the back of the armchair, as she has come up onto her sitting bones and her spine is more alert.

I am as surprised as she.

“This doesn’t feel like me at all”

Lots of laughter

freda 2