Mutual appreciation.   Bruce Fertman  (director Alexander Alliance International) “with her career in Physiotherapy  and lifetime of experience in art and music, Jenny does what few Alexander Teachers can do. She seamlessly blends science and art, truth and beauty.  ……. Robyn Avalon (director, contemporary Alexander Studies) Jenny infuses her love of life directly into her […]

Freda .. Between Thee and Me and The Gatepost

  Freda and direction   “How are you this week Freda?” “I’m feeling my age”. “How is that affecting you just now?” “I am slow and out of breath” We talk a bit about the necessity of prioritising the things that matter and letting go of the things that are less important.  Of the outer […]

Heart Warming

Through the frosted panes of Freda’s front door I can make  out her zimmer at the foot of the kitchen step. The hall light is on. All is well. After jostling with the key she opens the door and greets me in her floral apron, tails trailing. (I wish they didn’t) She looks a little […]

Support for women undergoing Breast Surgery

“I was not sure how to be in this unfamiliar body. Jenny showed me how to stand tall and how to move more easily. I would recommend this approach for anyone undergoing breast surgery” Tash  10 days post op   3 weeks post op and after 6 sessions Over the years, I have assisted in […]

The Lost Procedure by Bruce Fertman

The Gift of Spirals and Rotation in Walking Voice recording by Jenny Quick   https://drive.google.com/open?id=1895cCEE9ejGw2ps2NLZ9Dl36BBnBF52h

Featuring Freda

    Freda nearly toppled today. It is a fine balance between activities which ensure her safety and those which liberate her from fixity. We talk a little about the risk of disruption versus the persistent and stimulating spice of the unfamiliar. I say to her that occasionally I have found myself wondering how what […]