Dartington Summer School

Honing my skills… It has been an immense privilege, once again, to assist Emma Kirkby in her master classes at Dartington Summer School. The students have been very appreciative! “The most surprising thing about trying Alexander Technique on a master Class, where you are already stressed about your poor body posture, is understanding that you […]

Full Immersion AT for musicians

Calling musicians… Choirs, orchestras, chamber groups, folk groups… The list is endless! A simple, lively and accurate upgrade of your inner GPS and the priceless know-how to access this in practice paves the way to greater comfort, ease and artistic freedom. I am returning from an intensive fortnight of Alexander training at the renowned Meadowmount […]

CD Live Piano Music

April 21st 1986 ….just 2 days after giving birth to my son, Horowitz was making his historic return to Russia. This exquisite piece by Scarlatti was on the programme and has since been embedded in my soul. This is from last night’s concert, recorded live in my living room with 18 lovely friends and a […]

One Thing affects Another

One thing affects another  Over the last couple of years I have made a friend. It all started when I stopped on a narrow stretch of pavement to help extract a nail from the shoe of a very cross man. I was on my usual way home from town, he was going in the opposite […]

Teen Stomp …approach with care

How do you meet a teenager?. A teenager with fire and drive in her belly and a very good stomp. 14 years of ideas and opinions and thirst for more.  Once upon a time a long time ago, let’s just say, the fighting spark for survival was deeply wired….  Why would one argue a point? […]

Dancing with Angels

  There are many great musicians of our time who speak with compelling authority about the transformative power of music.  They know something from their profound studies and awful gifts.  It is reassuring because I know that I’m not entirely bonkers and neither am I alone. It is like dwelling with the Gods. Another reality […]