Archives for June 2018

Freda in Mind

    “I don’t know how but somehow I fell asleep over breakfast” There is nothing sleepy about Freda right now.  The company that has supplied her new hearing aids promised to make a home visit to check that she had what she wanted. Pulling a face. “Have they come? Not a bit of it” […]

The Trombone

    Stan is 70 When he grew his hair and formed a band his grandfather made uncharacteristic noises of disapproval. But that didn’t stop him. He went into a musical world of his own and somehow, for the last 50 years, despite life’s ups and downs, made a fair living from gigs. He lights […]

The Guitarist

 This is a complex chap. He composes the most beautiful, gentle music. One can tell from his compositions that he must be the most sensitive soul. But he has a shadow in his heart. A terrible rift from years and years ago that has echoed through his life and which sometimes spills out with […]

A French Horn

  James comes from a family of distinguished military men. 3 generations.  He tells me that in the marines you break your body. He is one of the youngest officers because of his leadership qualities. He is a talented sportsman. Courageous and like a battering ram on the rugby pitch. He sings like an angel…. […]

The Triangle of Tension

A text comes in ” Tim, we have a concert tonight and one of our percussion crew is sick can you fill in?” Tim is an accomplished accompanist.  Not so much work these days.  He often wakes with anxiety and struggles to eat breakfast although he rushes out to buy coffee which is when he […]

Gallery of musicians.

These paired images “before and after AT” are for sale. They are scanned and then sent digitally as PDF and JPEG files. £30 per pair or 10 for the price of 9 ( £270) If you would like to commission a particular topic… Music/sport/occupation/every day living, just let me know and I’ll put pen to […]