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The Quintessentials

” The Quintessentials” A small study group for cellists. Five cellists in total (including myself) spent yesterday morning with our primary instruments.  Our good selves. It was a revealing expedition into familiar territory. Familiar in that we have lived with ourselves for a lifetime. We know ourselves don’t we? Or do we? Just as there […]


Are you improving? This was my father’s regular greeting….. over decades….. whenever I telephoned or indeed, whenever we greeted each other. Of course, this was said with light hearted affection and jest, but close to the surface lay my deep insecurities about never being quite enough. I must have taken this to heart. For I […]

Workshop for Cornwall Music Service Trust

  The daily demands and pressures placed on music teachers can add up to a diminished connection with the inner fount of joy and fulfillment that drew us to music making in the first place. The effort involved is counter productive, and calm poise can often seem out of reach. My intention with your workshop […]