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Freda on Clarity

  Freda. Clarity of thought. It is the frail neck of the snow drop that nonetheless has the will to penetrate frost or snow and lift its white head above winter’s ground. One precision point of upward direction. A miniscule force yet sufficient to the task. How would it be if our intentions were so […]

Deep Inhibition. Freda.

Freda I stand at her door with my habitual “push” to do something that will be useful. Then I re-mind myself. Only from the space of the unfamiliar and unknown can an authentic lesson truly emerge. My theme, if there has been one, is to glean more from our bones. To employ our understanding of […]

Body Basics Workshop for Musicians

Summary of Body Basics March 11th 2018 Ashburton We explored how our concepts and beliefs about our innate design can either improve or interfere with our natural poise and coordination. Not only this, but how our thoughts can nourish or even sabotage our desire to express ourselves musically. That our thoughts and feelings are inseparably […]